Diplomacy At Risk! TV Series

A new TV series highlights the value of diplomacy and current threats to U.S. diplomacy.  Senior diplomats discuss issues to enhance public understanding of critical foreign policy areas to understand the role of diplomacy.  The series features diplomatic perspectives and global voices to inspire a national conversation about the critical importance of funding and supporting the U.S. Department of State and America's experienced, professional diplomats around the world:


Diplomats are critical to America's security, providing reliable and critical sources of information for America's leaders, and building connections to facilitate international relationships to achieve U.S. strategic goals.  Diplomats help the U.S. build and maintain enduring bipartisan consensus on foreign policy objectives to protect American jobs and American lives.

Episode 1: What is Diplomacy?

Watch Ambassador Ronald Neumann interview Ambassador Edward Marks, Ambassador Peter Romero, and Rear Admiral Michael Smith

Diplomacy At Risk! is a non-partisan, educational TV series on:

What is diplomacy?  Why should Americans care about diplomacy?  Why is diplomacy at risk?  What can Americans do about it?

Episode 1: What is Diplomacy?

Episode 2: War and Peace

Episode 3: Promoting U.S. Businesses & Jobs

Episode 4: Protecting U.S. Borders and Americans Abroad

Episode 5: Global Health & Biodefense

Episode 6: Refugees and Human Rights

Episodes feature experts in one-on-one interviews and panel discussions to drill down in depth addressing U.S. vital economic and national security global issues.

In 2017, a group of retired foreign service officers, military and intelligence professionals, nonprofit leaders, and public TV producers decided to launch a TV series focused on non-partisan education.  The goal is to educate and engage Americans about the value of diplomacy and current threats to effective U.S. diplomatic capacity:  

  • Diplomacy saves lives and jobs every day. 

  • Diplomacy is a critical component of America's national security, health and safety, and economic prosperity.

  • Yet many Americans do not know what diplomacy is or why it is important.

  • U.S. Diplomacy is being seriously diminished.

  • This past year, over 60 percent of senior diplomats left the U.S. State Department, and intake of new Foreign Service Officers is down by 60 percent.

  • This series sounds the alarm, and seeks to inspire a national conversation about the critical importance of adequately funding and staffing U.S. diplomatic efforts.


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