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  • Carol Loftur-Thun

March Shoot at FCCTV Draws a Crowd

Updated: May 6, 2018

Our March 15th shoot at FCCTV was the hottest ticket in town with senior diplomats, military and intelligence experts, Falls Church City leaders, and the talented team of producers all enjoying an evening of hard work and good fun.

Tony, Ambassador Ed Marks, Ambassador Michele Bond, Executive Producers Bob and Carol Loftur-Thun with Janice Bay, Lauri Fitz-Pegado, Jim Landberg, Mayor Dave Tarter, Senior Executive Producer Diana Watkins, David Massant, Ambassador Janice Jacobs, Ambassador Tony Wayne, Ambassador Pat Haslach, Senior Executive Producer Stephen Watkins, and friends


In 2017, a group of retired foreign service officers, military and intelligence professionals, nonprofit leaders, and public TV producers decided to launch a TV series focused on non-partisan education.  The goal is to educate and engage Americans about the value of diplomacy and current threats to effective U.S. diplomatic capacity:  

  • Diplomacy saves lives and jobs every day. 

  • Diplomacy is a critical component of America's national security, health and safety, and economic prosperity.

  • Yet many Americans do not know what diplomacy is or why it is important.

  • U.S. Diplomacy is being seriously diminished.

  • This past year, over 60 percent of senior diplomats left the U.S. State Department, and intake of new Foreign Service Officers is down by 60 percent.

  • This series sounds the alarm, and seeks to inspire a national conversation about the critical importance of adequately funding and staffing U.S. diplomatic efforts.


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