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In 2017, a group of retired foreign service officers, military and intelligence professionals, nonprofit leaders, and public TV producers decided to launch a TV series focused on non-partisan education.  The goal is to educate and engage Americans about the value of diplomacy and current threats to effective U.S. diplomatic capacity:  

  • Diplomacy saves lives and jobs every day. 

  • Diplomacy is a critical component of America's national security, health and safety, and economic prosperity.

  • Yet many Americans do not know what diplomacy is or why it is important.

  • U.S. Diplomacy is being seriously diminished.

  • This past year, over 60 percent of senior diplomats left the U.S. State Department, and intake of new Foreign Service Officers is down by 60 percent.

  • This series sounds the alarm, and seeks to inspire a national conversation about the critical importance of adequately funding and staffing U.S. diplomatic efforts.


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